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Innovate with OSCAR


OSCAR’s driving force for innovation has always been clinicians seeking to improve care and to learn from clinical data.  Share your idea here and we’ll explore with you how to transform that idea to something great for all OSCAR users!


OSCAR offers developers across the continuum from learner to expert the opportunity to create something that makes a positive difference in people’s lives.  Join us in making that difference! To get started, explore the source code for OSCAR software* currently deployed as available in Bitbucket: To ensure your development reaches all relevant OSCAR users, please liaise with with Well EMR Group’s development team to coordinate your development work and commit(s) and ensure all security and regulatory requirements are fulfilled. *Affiliated with McMaster University and managed in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 or other relevant regulatory standard.  McMaster’s own code repository is available but is not currently the direct, quality managed source for deployed OSCAR software. You may also join the Developer Listserv to collaborate with others.

App Providers

OSCAR is the clinician’s integrated hub within a rapidly expanding digital health ecosystem.  Together with OSCAR, integrated apps and services are transforming how care is offered and received, making the care experience more personalized, informed and effective. To achieve these outcomes, it is essential that all apps and services integrate seamlessly with OSCAR software in a manner that upholds robust security and privacy standards.  We are pleased that Well Health Technologies has created to coordinate, confirm and profile authorized integrations that offer value to OSCAR users.  Each app profile lists the version(s) of OSCAR for which the integration has been confirmed as meeting minimum standard requirements (e.g., uses APIs; due diligence completed for privacy and security of integration; no server-side deployment).