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The McMaster/WOHS Family Medicine Teaching Centre

The William Osler Health System (WOHS) is one of the largest, full-service community hospitals in the province. We are located northwest of the Greater Toronto Area and only 45 minutes from Hamilton, with easy access to both cities.

WOHS sees more pediatric ED visits than any other community hospital in Ontario and is a great obstetrics experience that gives you confidence to consider it as part of your career.

Our preceptors in family medicine are active in hospital care, home care, long-term care, emergency medicine, palliative medicine and obstetrics with an abundance of one-on-one learning opportunities. Preceptors have a variety of areas of interest, including: comprehensive family medicine, women’s health & obstetrics, global health, and procedural skills.

Brampton and Etobicoke are multi-cultural communities with very diverse populations. There is something here for everyone!

With a solid curriculum, enhanced learning environments, community-based care and one-to-one mentorship, we offer the best of rural medicine in an urban setting. If you are looking for an opportunity to develop into the family physician you know you can be – this is the program for you!

Key info

CaRMS Positions

CMG CaRMS Positions: 7

IMG CaRMS Positions: 1

Adademic hub

Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness
20 Lynch Street, Room 2.B.213
Brampton, ON, L6W 2Z8

Practice information

Preceptors: 17

Preceptors are spread across high volume practices in Brampton, Georgetown, Etobicoke, Caledon and Woodbridge

Practice sites: 4 Family Health Teams, 5 Family Health Organizations

William Osler Health System: 229,640 emergency visits per year, 7,000 births per year


Resident Perspective

What living in the area is like

Brampton offers a lot to its residents. There are great hiking and biking trails near by like Rattlesnake point and Hilton Falls. Brampton is a very diverse city with many young families, elderly and students, which makes it a great learning environment for learners and you will find cuisines from many backgrounds!


Brampton is a big city and it can be hard to navigate as the public transport system is not adapted. Also, expect a lot of traffic. Another challenge that comes with being a community site is that learners have to be motivated to be proactive about their learning as many allied health care professionals are not aware of the role of a resident doctor.


Brampton is a unique learning environment where it is a community site but it serves a huge population. All hospital preceptors are open to creating additional learning opportunities for residents who are interested. Also, planning electives through our site is really easy as there is a limited number of residents in every cohort. We also plan block 7 academics week with community outreach such as high school visits.

What I like about Brampton

It is easy to make it home! Everything is a short car drive away and the city is very diverse. We are close enough to the farms, the corn mazes and many hiking spots. But we are also close enough to the downtown Toronto restaurant scene and waterfront.

As a learner, training in a community site allows for 1-on-1 learning with specialists. There is a high volume of patients that all residents feel very comfortable practicing after 2 years of training.

Information Box Group

The Brampton site benefits from engaged faculty and a diverse patient population.  The community spans a large area allowing for residents to perform horizontal learning in many areas allowing residents to practice the full scope of Family Medicine.

– Jobin Varughese, Site Director


Jobin Varughese


Associate Clinical Professor